Sunday, March 30, 2014

Breeze Cat Litter System by TidyCat

Unless you have a cat(s), don't even bother with this post.

UPDATE: I've lived with this Litter System for one month now. I, the human of the house, LOVE it. But yesterday I put down the old litter pan with a bit of sand in it, on the porch where my cat Henry likes to park on warm days. That box has been used repeatedly, over and over again, as if to communicate his preference. I know my cat. He's not been himself with the new box. I withdraw my ecstatic review below. While the product is wonderful for ME, my kitty did not enjoy it at all. He loves his sand.

I don't often think products are good enough to blog about. OR if they are good, there are several equally good, and you'd already know about them, so why bother? But while shopping at Walmart a couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman buying a bag of "litter pellets" in the cat litter section of the pet department. We got to talking, and she sold me on a new litter pan, a whole new litter system. It's a oner, and worth talking about!

Since I have almost no money these days, (which, by the way, is the ONLY reason I am shopping at WalMart) it was quite a sales pitch. But straight from her heart. She claimed that since buying "Breeze" she never had to scoop and bag those horrendous clumps of soggy sand, and cleanup was a snap. Her cat no longer sprayed litter all over the floor, and the smells (oh, do we know those smells) had all but disappeared. Knowing my cat, Henry, is huge and requires a Boodah (covered) Box to keep my house from being a beach, I was more than a little intrigued. With no certainty whatsoever, I shelled out $38 for a new litter pan (sans any kind of cover! But id DOES have a "wall" around it, keeping the pellets inside) system, the box included a starter pack of pellets and pads.

The way it works is that the urine goes through the pellets (which do NOT absorb it) into a tray beneath which houses an odor-control pad in a pan. The pan easily slips in and out like a drawer (shown open in the photo above). Since Henry always pees with his ass to the rear of the pan, I just reverse the pad after a couple of days, so the clean end is at the other end, and get full money's worth before I dispose of it.

The fecal waste sits on top of the pellets and is easily scooped daily with the little scoop made for this system, which allows the pellets to fall through a pellet-sized sieve, but not the poop. It's really not even a scooping job, just a quick lift into the trash bag. Easy peasy.

It is SO clean and easy that I cannot even believe it.

Since Henry's bathroom is an alcove of my actual bedroom, I am very odor sensitive, and have had to scoop often before getting Breeze. But I can honesly say that my job has been reduced enormously by this purchase. I am astounded at the success of it.

They even tell you how to wean your kitty off the old system and onto the new system. I doubted that Henry would ever go for it. It took only two days (leaving both pans down, and not cleaning the old one). I finally picked up the old gross-smelling one, giving him no options, and he did the right thing. No problem, no sand, no kicking to speak of, and the pellets are too big to go flying anyway. 99.9% dust free. One bag lasts up to a month. You change the pads weekly. Given the litter than my fat cat went through, this is a bargain for me, and no more heavy, huge containers of litter to lug home. The pellet and pad bags are lightweight and small. Win! Win! I'm telling you, it's the best thing I've found since sliced bread and Trader Joe's $3 Buck Chuck.

To learn more, here's Tidycat's webpage: The Breeze System

## PS. I always kept a spray bottle of Febreze next to Henry's bathroom. Since I have it there, I am giving the pad a quick spray midweek, just for good measure, but when the bottle is gone, I don't think I'll have any need to replace it.

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  1. I withdraw my ecstatic review below. While the product is wonderful for ME, my kitty did not enjoy it at all. He loves his sand.