Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ides of March

For the first time in years, I'm getting a refund from the I.R.S. (that's what happens if you work at a job!)

It's been a nutty week. Trained my replacement at the old job, and hopefully that is now a done deal. Today I have an interview with an employment agency and am hoping this turns the right job for me, in time.

Yesterday I lunched with a writer friend and his lovely wife at their place in Pelican Sound. It was fun to talk shop, and query letters and literary agents. Lunch was delicious as was the company and conversation. They are returning to Canada at month's end, and I shall miss them.

Bowled our last tournament game on Monday. My scores were 154, 156 and 128 (my average). The banquet is coming up on Sunday. I hope I can remember to bring my camera.

And, if you hadn't noticed the "counter" to the top right of this website, I have lost 17 lbs. since 1/1/15. No quick losses, but steady.

So March has just whooshed by. I'm still hard at work on memoir revisions, and waiting for a query letter revision from Chuck Sambuchino. Decided it was time to bite the bullet and get some help.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Last Day at the Job

Yikes, today I go in to train my replacement, and then there's one more job behind me. Finis!

Am I apprehensive about the next step? Of course I am, but very relieved to be moving on. I have an interview next week with an employment agency who thinks they can find part time work for me without any problem. So, we shall see. Apparently there are "temp jobs" out there that are virtually "permanent" jobs where the employer just doesn't want the expense of payroll taxes and benefits that go with hiring permanent staff. ?? We shall see.

Meanwhile hard at work on the Agent Search. Need to find a reputable agent who handles memoir, who might handle MY memoir, and I need to find other memoirs that are in some way similar to my own and find the agent who repped that book! NOT an easy job. But I'm on it. I'm rereading Mary Karr's "Liar's Club" (such an excellent memoir) just to dip my toe into those waters. Karr's voice is unique and wonderful--I fear my book is not that lively. But it's inspiring anyway!

I have company coming to visit from out of town this weekend, so time to do a heavy duty housecleaning. Life never gets dull. Since she is moving out of state, and I likely won't see her for a long time, I'm feeling a bit sad as well. Another close friend will be going back north soon and I'm going to miss her company as well. It's been great to have a sympatico buddy living here, someone to run around with, laugh with. Good friends are hard to find. I have good friends here but they're too busy to be sociable! Not that I'm an icon of sociability, cause I'm not!

Cool cats hang out together!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Loose Fish is Loose Again!

Oh, brother! I quit my job and next Thursday will be my last day! Not quite a year at that job, but a long eleven months. The relief is palpable! Why, you might ask? Suffice it to say that I was miserable, and it wasn't worth the misery. Life is definitely TOO short!

Of course I must find new employment, but this time I do so with a light and relieved heart, instead of feeling like a slave going to the gallows.

The really GOOD news is that the memoir queries are going out again by the end of this month. I have finally gotten 23 chapters (81,500 words) put into past tense, and re-edited (well, my writing group is still reading, so there may be small changes to come), but for the most part, I think it's ready to fly again. This will be my third round of query letters in 2 1/2 years, so it's a slow process indeed. But I am feeling far more optimistic this round, as I think it's finally a reasonable read, ready for the marketplace!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Avian Flu (poem)

God laid an egg
in her nest in the sky,
and the already hatched
called it the Moon.

The stars were mere
commas in her journal
of life. The Sun, a footnote
of last season’s brood.

The earth, when it cracked,
spilled out bigger fools
than dodos and dinosaurs—
creatures too human for love.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Progress Report

Okay, two months of 2015 under my belt, and results are beginning to be seen.

1. I've lost 15 of the 20 lbs. resolution. I am getting into pants I'd given up as hopelessly too tight. I've made a new goal, now. Another 10 lbs. (including the five I have yet to lose from resolutions). Then I have to figure out what I'll eat on Maintenance?!

2. I now have a 230 page Volume One, of the memoir. I finally found a place to "break" the many chapters, so that the first book could be completed. This means I can edit it and start sending out query letters to agents again. Past tense is working ever so better than the present tense did.

3. My little editing business is perking along. I think I picked up a client yesterday for doing press releases and blogs. It's a bit more commercial and out of the literary realm, but I think I can fill some needs they have for promotion.

4. I'm still looking for a new "other" (office) job. Pickings are slim.

5. I'm a blonde again. They definitely have more fun.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dog Days

See this adorable little terrier?
Well, I got the photo off the internet, but it is a close enough representation for you to get the idea....his name is Moo Chew (Mu Chiu?) and belongs to a neighbor over one street.

My gay dog Sugar is in love with Moo Chew. Every time they see each other, they leap and try to have sex (both males) while Sugar whines and Moo Chew sort of barks his excitement. I have to drag Sugar away, so he doesn't get raped and/or tangled in Moo Chew's long tether to his porch. These two dogs have been over the moon about each other for a year now, and I thought it was love made in dog heaven.


Sugar slipped his collar today while playing/frolicing/trying to f**k Moo Chew, and the minute he did, BOTH dogs became FIERCE and were growling and really fighting for domination and control. I saw fangs out, and Mama ploughed right in to separate them. One of them was going to get badly hurt.


One of the little SOB's bit me, this is top of arm/bottom of arm punctures. I don't think they're bad, and it actually doesn't hurt much, but it sure scared the hell out of me. Guess What? Sugar lost a friend.

Not returning to that house again....and let's hope it was my own dog that bit me (though I think all the biting was on Moo Chew's part).

And the moral of this judge a dog on his cuteness!