Sunday, June 28, 2015

Naples FL Zoo - 2015

I've never been a particularly big fan of zoos - but they are evolving along with the mindset of human beings, and are not quite as objectionable as they once were. I found Naples zoo to be quite well planned, compassionate, and NOT all the objectionable things I have against zoos in general.

Had a wonderful time today, in spite of the heat (about 90 degrees). I was particularly smitten with the herd of bachelor giraffes:
My friend, Samantha, fed them romaine lettuce~!

But I loved the ring-tailed lemurs too.

And the zerbras, And the gibbons, And the antelope, and the tortoises, and the kudus, and the tigers, and the lions, and the macaws, and the ibises, and the egrets, and the....well, the alligators, not so much.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Good Stuff - Update on Life

In spite of the little things in life that are bothersome (the dogs get fleas, I have to fire my doctor, my photographs are blurry)... I must say things are pretty damned good these days!

I LOVE my new job. We are temporarily housed in a big living room, waiting for our offices to be constructed, but we will be selling high end pianos and they are beautiful to behold.

Euro Pianos Naples is the sole Florida distributor of the Fazioli brand. We sell luxury pianos, the bespoke piano. (I love that word) And what better place for such customers than Naples, Florida? Take a look at this one which is in the current issue of Florida Design magazine:

A 24-carat gold leaf completely covers this F228 piano model, giving it a touch of royal prestige. The transparent polyester that protects the gold leaf returns to the surface a precious luminosity of iridescent shades.

What's not to love? I'm finally working for people who are loving, caring, fair, and generous. Pinch me! May we sell a lot of pianos!!!

I have finished the first draft of "Blue Lake" - a thriller novel set in the Pacific Northwest. I am SO excited to have completed a 70K-word draft in less than two months. Obsession. Now it is time to do the rewrite, the line edits and clean it up for sale.

In the process of losing weight, I learned to cook and eat healthier food. After dropping 26 lbs., I also FEEL lighter and better. It's easier to walk dogs, et al. So I'm really happy about that. I fired my doctor because she seemed intent on giving unnecessary tests without exams, questions or conversation. Just do a blood test and decide on an ultra sound? I don't think so. I'm on the hunt for a new physician. Medical care is "factory" run these days. I no like. The good news is that the third unnecessary ultra sound on my thyroid showed "no change." (I had a nonconclusive biopsy done about 6 mos. ago as well).

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

To Blog or Not to Blog

Not getting much blogging done these days. Spending every free moment on the new BLUE LAKE novel. It is sitting at Chapter Fifteen, presently, so more than halfway through the first draft. Can't wait to get the plot down, so I can start editing for decent writing. Right now, I'm just flying through, trying to get the logic, the murders, the intrigue to be believable, thought-provoking and suspenseful. It's definitely challenging! But I love it.

This is much different from writing the memoir where it concerns one's own life and feelings. Novel writing is a lot more fun, and easier in lots of respects. It took me more than ten years to get the memoir written and it's been about ten days so far to whip out a pot boiler.

BLUE LAKE is the story about a young woman whose roots she discovers are in the pot fields of Humboldt County, after spending her life in Los Angeles being raised by a drug lord. She travels north to find the truth about her family, and gets unwittingly involved in a murder and kidnapping while exposing a buried family secret at the same time. The locale of Blue Lake, a small logging town in Humboldt, is a most beautiful place where I lived for a couple of years in 2000, so it's fun to try to recreate it.

The Mad River runs through Blue Lake, and it is gorgeous country, besides being a little spooky because those hills, in three counties, are full of illegal weed growers who are seriously dangerous and don't care much for strangers. While legalizing marijuana seems inevitable and soon, it is going to wipe out the only economic sustenance of the Pacific Northwest (which has a hugely high unemployment rate and lack of jobs), so their excellent pot has been their salvation, their life's work, and their pride. It's been really interesting to research the issues and facts of this region. (a lot of which I didn't even know when I lived there.)

So if I don't blog for awhile, you'll know I'm pounding on the keyboard as fast as I can to finish BLUE LAKE.