Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Here's a better photo (than my phone took) from someone else's camera of the night we went to the Jazz concert at the Sugden Theater. For Posterity! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays

Well, I have to admit that 2015 shaped into a VERY nice year for me!

I had New Years Resolutions which I was able to keep: I finished the memoir; I lost 25 lbs and have kept 22 of it off; I got my bowling average up to 150 (and then quit bowling. ha.

In addition, I wrote a suspense novel in a matter of a few months. It sort of dropped out of me, to my surprise and a feat I never dreamed I could do. I'm now seeking representation (literary agent) and that's tougher than writing a novel.

I got a new job about nine months about with Euro Pianos Naples, and it has turned into a delightbul job with delightful, creative, genuinely NICE and SMART people. I am thrilled! We just moved into swank new offices and will have our grand opening next month, after the art for the walls arrives. (we will be circulating artists every few months for a gallery effect) See photos in my last blog entry.

I do the accounting, but I'm sort of being groomed to do sales (and get paid commissions!) on these beautiful designer, luxury pianos we sell, so I'm excited.

The holidays are upon us, and I usually suffer, but this year has not been bad at all. I did collages for many of the days leading up to now, and used them as little gifts to friends. That's been satisfying since I got really sick of rejections from querying agents.

Tonight I'm going to church with the woman I work for (who's also a dear friend now) and sing Christmas carols. We're hoping the roof doesn't cave when I walk in. I don't know the last time I was in a church. Then afterwards we're going to one of my favorite restaurants Barbarello's - a place I adore for its food as well as its ceilings.

So, I hope the world is treating you well, and that your holiday season is full of good fun and good will. ##

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Euro Pianos Naples

Most of you know I got a wonderful new job about nine months ago working for a fabulous company that sells designer pianos, the luxury items you don't often see or play which will be become household words in the not too far off future--because they are so beautiful, so elegant--like Ferrarris and Lamberghinis--people just can't help talking about them.

I live in Naples, Florida--home of the 1% (ah, you know who you are...) and they can afford such luxuries.

My company just moved into new digs -- giving up the traditional piano selling showroom (it was massive) for a swank, small "by appointment only" salon where people just smile when they walk in. Here are some of the first pictures of our place -- just before the grand opening. (we have art exhibits coming for the walls, so this is just a little taste.)

Need I say that we absolutely LOVE it??

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Collage - Abstract 5

Collage - Abstract Blue

Acrylic, paper, tissue on Arches watercolor paper:

William Noll Jazz Orchestra

Had a wonderful evening of Big Band jazz at the Sugden Theater last night. Maestro William Noll is renowned in Naples for his classical conducting, but who knew he was also the Master of Swing? It was superb and people left with huge smiles on their faces. It rocked. Excellent musicians, wonderful arrangements and we enjoyed every song.

The first half of the program was old jazz classics like "It Don't Mean A thing, if It Ain't Got that Swing," and "Caravan," and "Fascinating Rhythm" to name a few.

The Sugden always puts up a lovely tree and decorates the plaza in front of the theater in style. (and my phone camera takes lousy photos)

Have Yourself A Merry Little the old song goes!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Collage - Abstract 2

8" x 10" Acrylics, Japanese lace papers, printed papers, and pen on paper

New Series of Collage - Abstract 1

8" x 10" Acrylics, papers, colored pencils on paper

John Carroll Long - Art Anarchist at Work!

Saw a wonderful exhibit last night at the UP Art & Design Gallery. It was one of the most refreshing experiences I've had in ages. This talented man paints, draws, sculpts, does ceramics, cartoons, photography, and large & small mixed media works and huge installations.

John Long's Website

Fascinating, decidedly Liberal, Eclectic, and Irreverant. He also writes well, and explains his political and religious irreverance in both words and art. Clearly the anti-war, anti-bigotry, anti-organized religion, anti-corrupt politics messages resounded off the walls.

One striking installation was a long white wall, with a bent nail sticking out of it, and a large swath of red (paint) blood trailing to the floor where lay the taxidermic head of a beautiful (real) antlered deer. It certainly satisfied my opinions of sport hunting animals. It was not so subtle and shocking to see that bright path of red down a stark white wall, reminding us of the bitter death behind the trophy.

But every piece, large and small, had its own message, and it was delicious to take my time and read, and study the work--including an entire wall of greeting cards that were raucously funny. The man's dark humor is a treasure.

Of course not all of his art is aimed at anarchy! This particular show featured that one aspect of his work. His humor and whimsy shines in all kinds of work.

The gallery itself run by Long's wife, Andrea Clark Brown, is a jewel and purrs with efficiency. The food was wonderful, the wine was fine, and the guests were surprisingly civil, given that many of them were having their belief systems tipped on their axes.

Clicky for more info and pictures

Clicky for more info and pictures

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tree (perhaps?)

A Project for work

This is a piece I created on behalf of my employer to be given to a church who is collecting donations for one of the beautiful Fazioli pianos. I work for Euro Pianos who sells them.

Floral (tissue, acrylics and paper)