Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Euro Pianos Naples

Most of you know I got a wonderful new job about nine months ago working for a fabulous company that sells designer pianos, the luxury items you don't often see or play which will be become household words in the not too far off future--because they are so beautiful, so elegant--like Ferrarris and Lamberghinis--people just can't help talking about them.

I live in Naples, Florida--home of the 1% (ah, you know who you are...) and they can afford such luxuries.

My company just moved into new digs -- giving up the traditional piano selling showroom (it was massive) for a swank, small "by appointment only" salon where people just smile when they walk in. Here are some of the first pictures of our place -- just before the grand opening. (we have art exhibits coming for the walls, so this is just a little taste.)

Need I say that we absolutely LOVE it??

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