Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays

Well, I have to admit that 2015 shaped into a VERY nice year for me!

I had New Years Resolutions which I was able to keep: I finished the memoir; I lost 25 lbs and have kept 22 of it off; I got my bowling average up to 150 (and then quit bowling. ha.

In addition, I wrote a suspense novel in a matter of a few months. It sort of dropped out of me, to my surprise and a feat I never dreamed I could do. I'm now seeking representation (literary agent) and that's tougher than writing a novel.

I got a new job about nine months about with Euro Pianos Naples, and it has turned into a delightbul job with delightful, creative, genuinely NICE and SMART people. I am thrilled! We just moved into swank new offices and will have our grand opening next month, after the art for the walls arrives. (we will be circulating artists every few months for a gallery effect) See photos in my last blog entry.

I do the accounting, but I'm sort of being groomed to do sales (and get paid commissions!) on these beautiful designer, luxury pianos we sell, so I'm excited.

The holidays are upon us, and I usually suffer, but this year has not been bad at all. I did collages for many of the days leading up to now, and used them as little gifts to friends. That's been satisfying since I got really sick of rejections from querying agents.

Tonight I'm going to church with the woman I work for (who's also a dear friend now) and sing Christmas carols. We're hoping the roof doesn't cave when I walk in. I don't know the last time I was in a church. Then afterwards we're going to one of my favorite restaurants Barbarello's - a place I adore for its food as well as its ceilings.

So, I hope the world is treating you well, and that your holiday season is full of good fun and good will. ##

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