Saturday, December 12, 2015

John Carroll Long - Art Anarchist at Work!

Saw a wonderful exhibit last night at the UP Art & Design Gallery. It was one of the most refreshing experiences I've had in ages. This talented man paints, draws, sculpts, does ceramics, cartoons, photography, and large & small mixed media works and huge installations.

John Long's Website

Fascinating, decidedly Liberal, Eclectic, and Irreverant. He also writes well, and explains his political and religious irreverance in both words and art. Clearly the anti-war, anti-bigotry, anti-organized religion, anti-corrupt politics messages resounded off the walls.

One striking installation was a long white wall, with a bent nail sticking out of it, and a large swath of red (paint) blood trailing to the floor where lay the taxidermic head of a beautiful (real) antlered deer. It certainly satisfied my opinions of sport hunting animals. It was not so subtle and shocking to see that bright path of red down a stark white wall, reminding us of the bitter death behind the trophy.

But every piece, large and small, had its own message, and it was delicious to take my time and read, and study the work--including an entire wall of greeting cards that were raucously funny. The man's dark humor is a treasure.

Of course not all of his art is aimed at anarchy! This particular show featured that one aspect of his work. His humor and whimsy shines in all kinds of work.

The gallery itself run by Long's wife, Andrea Clark Brown, is a jewel and purrs with efficiency. The food was wonderful, the wine was fine, and the guests were surprisingly civil, given that many of them were having their belief systems tipped on their axes.

Clicky for more info and pictures

Clicky for more info and pictures

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